Men’s Counseling Group

Hello Gentlemen:

I’m writing to invite you to join me in the next round of my men’s counseling group that will begin on Thursday, September 21st. The group will meet from 715-830 p.m. each Thursday and will last for ten weeks. The group will be limited to seven men and will meet at my office in Sacramento, at 1501 28th Street, Suite 230, and the cost will be $40 per meeting. You will be asked to pay for five weeks at a time, and you’ll be charged whether you attend or not.

The focus of the group will revolve around challenges professional men face. Furthermore, most members are married or in a committed relationship, and most of you have children. So, we’ll be covering topics such as: professional stress and how to manage it, balancing work with personal and/or parenting commitments, specific parenting techniques, etc.

Many of you are aware of the benefits of individual and/or couples counseling. This group will be vastly different in that you’ll be able to learn from, support, and challenge other men, without pressure from outside influences (i.e. your spouses/girlfriends/significant others). Each time I’ve held this group, I’ve found that the men have helped each other solve problems in perfectly appropriate ways that honor the way we think and act.

If this group interests you, please contact me by email or give me a call. If you’d like to be a part of a group but aren’t able to right now, please let me know, and I’ll contact you if I start another group or if spots open in this one down the road. Should you not be interested in this group but would like to continue your personal growth in personal counseling, I encourage you to give me a call 916-919-0218 or at I also ask you to share this information with friends/colleagues who you think might be interested.

Take care and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Steve DeBenedetti-Emanuel, LMFT
River City Counseling
1501 28th Street, Suite 230
Sacramento, CA 95816

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