Teen Counseling in Sacramento, CA

River City Counseling – Sacramento, CA, Teen & Family Counseling

Do any of these sound familiar?

“No matter what I say, my son gets angry. He’s overwhelmingly busy with school, and next year brings SAT’s, ACT’s, AP tests, and college applications. I know he’s really anxious. I think he wants to talk but can’t get it out. Maybe he’ll talk to you.”

“We’re worried about our daughter. She sits in her room all day on her phone. I just saw marks on her wrist, and I’m really worried that she’s depressed. We feel like terrible parents. Can you help us?”

“My husband cheated on me and won’t talk about it. He’s agreed to go to counseling with me. I love him and want to work it out.”

“I’ve been feeling really down lately. I can’t talk to my friends because they won’t understand. I just need someone to talk to.”

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