Counseling Services

Pre-Teen and Teen Counseling

The pre-teen and teen years can be rough! One day they’re sweet and charming and the next day surly and disagreeing with everything you say. They can have the best day of their life and 48 hours later be in the fetal position crying. They also complain that you don’t listen and only want to give out unhelpful advice they’ve already heard 50 times. I will work with your pre-teen or teen to help them figure out what they’re doing that isn’t working well and how they can help make things better (and get their phone privileges back.)

Parent Counseling

I’m a parent, so I know that there are days when nothing you do seems to work, and you’re extremely frustrated, exhausted, and out of ideas. Fortunately, I’ve been able to help numerous parents feel better about the job they’re doing. I’m trained in a parenting program called Parent Project, (, which I utilize to help you create an effective system for guiding your strong-willed child. I’ll help you expand your parenting “toolbox” and regain your sanity.

Couples Counseling

Let’s face it relationships are hard work! When couples are doing well, they typically work together and solve problems on their own. Unfortunately, couples sometimes get off-track and can benefit from having a third party listen to both sides of the story. My job is to help you find solutions that work for both of you. I’ve found that couples who commit to working hard at improving their relationships have wonderful outcomes from their counseling.

Individual Counseling

When adults see me alone, they typically come in because something in their life isn’t working well and the related feelings are getting more difficult to handle. My job is to help you talk about how you’re feeling, figure out why it’s happening, and help you make choices that will leave you feeling more satisfied with your life.

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Practice Specialties Include

Depression • Parenting • Anxiety • Personal Growth • Relationship Issues
Adolescents • Academic Concerns • Young Adults • Communication Difficulties Grief/Loss • Life Transitions Men’s Issues • Women’s Issues • Self-esteem • Stress Management • Siblings of Special Needs Children                Left Handers • Infertility Issues