River City Counseling’s testimonials follow below.

“His outstanding listening skills, combined with a great sense of humor, make it easy for me to talk with him about my relationships, my family, my work.”

— Stephen Kieta

“His gentle, easy-going manner provides a safe, welcoming environment to tease out the issues at the root of whatever challenges you’re facing.”

— Jeff Ludlum

“He’s good both with teenagers and their families, and really understands the challenges they face with school, family, peer groups, etc.”

— Steve McCready, LMFT

“He is the go-to guy for struggling teenagers in the Sacramento Valley.”

— Ken Siegmann, LMFT

“Steve’s down-to-earth, approachable, and friendly manner really makes for a safe space to dig in, and his gentle humor puts you at ease.”

— Sue Goetz, LCSW

“Steve connects easily, genuinely, and conscientiously with everyone he counsels.”

— RD