Left Handers vs Right Handers

Just as I was heading out the door this morning, my wife asked me to wait, so I could sign something. I could have gotten all crabby, but instead just sat down. I was hungry and figured I’d eat a little something. The larder was bare, and rather than heading outside and picking some dandelions and wild arugula, I decided I’d have some garbanzo beans. If you knew my mother, you’d understand why all bets are off when it comes to the “right” time to eat things.

Left Handers Challenges

Lefts Handers Right Handers I’m not sure why, but feeling a little bit bored and kooky, I thought about the challenges we left-handers (I’m actually ambidextrous) face in the world. Feeling like I wanted to be a little risky, I decided to see if I could open my can of beans left-handed. As with many other items in the world, short of heading to a left-handed store, most everything, including can openers, are designed for right-handers.

As the drum rolled, I maneuvered my hands in this certain way, and, even though it was extremely awkward, I opened the can of beans. After a little salt, a little pepper, and a little apple cider vinegar, they were kind of good, kind of mediocre and kind of not amazing. Regardless, my belly is full.

Since my wife is still on hold, I figure I have a bit more time to kill and look at things metaphorically. Just as I figured out an alternative solution to prying open my can of beans, many of us solve problems in unusual ways.  They aren’t wrong; they’re just different and unusual. There are many roads to Rome, and we left-handers often take unusual back roads to solve problems.

I think the challenge for right-handers (or left-brained thinkers in general) is to accept that the ways we left-handers (or right-brained thinkers) solve things in unusual ways are still solid solutions. Ask my wife, she often has no idea how I think about things or solve problems, and quite frankly how I get to where I go. But I get there. And when I explain my logic, it usually makes pretty good sense. Even if it doesn’t she tends to hold her tongue. If it works for me, it works.   Because, at the end of the day, whether it’s bean salad or hummus, you’re still eating your beans.

Even though my wife is still on-hold, it’s time to try to rush things along. I’ve got stuff to do. At least my belly is full.

Once again, this ambidextrous, right-brained therapist, father and spouse goes through life doing the best he can, even if how I do things seems incredibly weird.

One Response to Left Handers vs Right Handers
  1. elizabeth
    October 19, 2016 | 8:14 am

    We all have our own way of going about life relating to how we do things or how we observe things. For example I can watch a news broadcast with my husband and I will say ………………..looked tired or he had a great necktie, while my husband will say he was just focusing on what ……….. was saying and didn’t notice.

    And my husband knows how open a jam jar with a flick of his wrist while I bang at it with various heavy items……

    Viva la difference……

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