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Parents talk and kids talk

I’m not sure how many times I written about how KD, my 10-year-old son, and I bang heads. This happens for umpteen reasons and I’ve gotten tired of it. KD goes to a school that prides itself on being peaceful, and if there’s a conflict, the kids go to a peace table and have “peace…

BULLYING: more help for parents

BULLYING Years ago, I got pulled into a new friend group of dudes. It was the best! I was sort of new to town and was lonely. I loved being included. My awful feelings drifted away. I was also pretty new to Facebook, and one day I saw pictures of all the dudes with their…

Even Buster Posey Gets Lonely

It has been an extremely tough year for Giants fans.  But it wasn’t long ago that they were on-fire.  One from the archives. A few days ago, KD was reading the paper and updating me, rapid-fire, on Buster Posey’s stats. I was also reading the paper and asked him to keep it down a bit….